October 5th | Broadcast Live from Chicago, Illinois, United States

2:30pm Geneva – 7:30am Chicago – 1:30pm London – 8:30pm Beijing

Welcome Back! After the success of our first ever free Cereals Europe Live in April, we are excited to invite you one more time to join us for our second event this year.

After talking about the market heading into the new Northern Hemisphere growing season, we will see what changed heading into the harvest. This time, we will discuss price outlooks, weather forecasts, supply and demand and South American Forecast.

The format will be the same: The best information, delivered in short presentations made by the best team in the world. We know prices are down and budgets are short, so again we want to make sure this is a conference of content, delivered for you for free.

Join Cereals Europe Live and skip the air travel, hotel and conference cost this year!

Click here for the Agenda and here for Speakers.

Dan Basse, President, AgResource Company
Noel Fryer, Fryer’s Reports

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